The Steps (an overview)


Stepping Into It

These ‘steps’ have been greatly influenced by a wonderful book called A Mother’s Rule of Life: How to Bring Order to Your Home and Peace to Your Soulwritten by someone that I consider a friend, Holly Pierlot. She labels her steps “p’s” or priorities. P1 being prayer, p2= person, p3= partner, p4=parenting and p5 is provider. I have drawn on that and made it my own.

I however, envision it as a stairway and as we step up in obedience to what the Lord is showing us we get closer to heaven. But it is no ordinary stair case…it is a spiral one. With the Holy Spirt smack in the middle holding the entire thing up. Also as we step up we eventually find ourselves back to the same spot in relation to the other steps as the diagram on the upper left hand corner shows, but in reality we are now much higher up. So even though it may seem that I’ve placed step 1 and step 6 as separate from each other, they really are not…it is a completion of a turn.

So the steps are..

The Core God’s grace working in us, through every facet of our lives.
STEP 1: Self (all that pertains to your well being, diet, exercise, entertainment, hobbies etc.)
STEP 2: Others (community) Think of step 1 and step two as two separate beams with step 1 being laid vertically, it is you reaching up to heaven and step 2 horizontally, which is you reaching out side to side…to those that God puts in your path.
STEP 3: Your vocation…your work…your calling. ( this step and step 2 are strongly connected…this is where we give to the community from our talents…and in turn are compensated so that we can provide for our families.)
STEP 4:Home Where we serve our family through household management and other custodial duties.
STEP 5:Parenting
STEP 6:Marriage which again takes you full circle back to Step 1:

The ‘Steps’ are the different areas of our lives that we pour forth God’s grace once we have received it…and in turn get replenished with more, like a running water font. These are the particular areas and paths that I feel called to. I don’t believe that there is a set way for everybody. If you feel an affinity to this particular path, by all means come walk with me a while. Otherwise, feel free to take a peek…maybe be inspired to listen to the Lord yourself and see what comes of it. That’s actually the whole aim of this site.

This Lenten Season we will be ‘Stepping Into It’. We have already started with the Core and will be moving on to STEP 1 tomorrow.


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