FASTING: Whole Hearted Devotion


Jl 2:12-18

Even now, says the LORD,return to me with your whole heart,

I was reminded this morning during my prayer time what this Lenten Season is all about…getting closer to God! I’m usually pretty good about intuitively knowing this and most years I actually look forward to it. However, I must admit that this year has been pretty rough for me. I’ve had several episodes of intense depression and some other issues that I struggle with and therefore was NOT looking forward to more ‘desert’ time. I had just barely managed to crawl out for heavens sake. Then I remembered the story of the little girl with her Precious Jewels and I felt silly for forgetting, if even for a moment, that I can’t out give God. After listening to Fr. Lauer’s audio on my Lenten page about FASTING, it all started to come together. He is calling me not because He wants to take something from me, but because He wants to give me something! Something so big and so amazing, that I will need unencumbered arms to hold it. His grace of course!  It’s all about the grace, the grace. 😉

If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend Uniformity with God’s Will . It’s a fairly easy read but packed full of good stuff.

Have a blessed Ash Wednesday everybody.

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6 thoughts on “FASTING: Whole Hearted Devotion

  1. I’m glad you are happy! That’s all I can muster today sorry. But I really am glad that you are happy. I am. I love you. ❤


  2. Awww. I’m not sure that ‘happy’ is the right emotion right now. Maybe a bit ‘dazed’? lol. I think I have to do a blog post about that…lol. But maybe I should take a nap first. 😉


  3. Christina

    Thank you Essy! Another great post!


  4. Thanks for the encouragement, Christina.


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