Getting all political


Proposed ban on high heels

I read the above silly article this morning and started thinking about our political system here in the United States, especially that of the liberal left. They come up with ideas So GOOD, that they would like to force everyone to comply. However, this ‘forcing’ their will on the people has been done…pick up a history book folks…and it has not gone well. Government of course does have its place, I’m not advocating anarchy. But how about keeping it in place to ENSURE people’s freedoms such as in ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’. Our founding fathers were extremely intelligent and thoughtful in putting it together and were very passionate about seeing it through. In fact it was this very freedom that was the foundation of this great country and why so many still seek it within it’s borders today.

I understand how many voted for the current president wanting ‘change’ when all they really needed to do was pack their bags. That’s what my parents did when they brought my family here when I was only seven years old..legally…I might add. I’m not saying that what we had didn’t need improvement. Of course it did, even those that call themselves conservative (wanting to conserve what’s good..get it?)often act like socialists.

Then that brings us to the question ‘what’s so bad about socialism anyway’? Distribution of wealth sounds amazingly good to the good hearted soul. In fact I, a staunch conservative try to practice it in my own life as much as it is possible for my situation in life. Ahhhh…and there’s the rub…that freedom thing again. An idea so good that we should force it? At what price?

What socialism tries to do is create a utopia here on earth through legislation…all the while trying it’s hardest to replace the Judeo/Christian worldview. See…the difference is free will. I’ll try to give you an example. Let’s visit a family of four. Mom, dad and their two children. One is living under a socialist regime. Mom and dad both have to go to work because the majority of their pay check goes off to the government. They in turn need to put their children in government funded programs as soon as possible, so that both parents can be making money to manage their family. Children learn in such environment…well…pretty much anything government so chooses. Freedom? Well…not so much for anyone else who may have a different view of how their life should go. What about helping your neighbor and those in need? Sorry…no time…besides ‘we gave at the office’…that’s what the government is for isn’t it?

Family number two lives under a democracy (not to be confused with Democrats…lol)that is run within a conservative administration. Taxes are minimal, meaning that it may be possible for the family to skimp and save and be able to live within a single income. Meaning that one parent can now stay home and raise and teach their own children. It means that the world that they are striving to live in, is one created by the family unit and not imposed on them from the outside. Hence…FREEDOM! No…things are not handed to them. Hard work is definitely a part of it, but so isn’t a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. Something that we have definitely lost in recent years. Now back to those less fortunate…what happens to them without government aid. Well, supposing that the majority of them have family, friends, parishes etc…those are the best people to help out. For those that don’t…and there ARE dire situations that require government assistance…the small amount given to the government will help in those cases as well as church and other private charity funds.

I really believe that our biggest differences don’t come from what we’d like to see accomplished…but on how to go about it.

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3 thoughts on “Getting all political

  1. Tanya

    Exactly! I often ponder this myself and try to understand WHY it is so difficult? It really doesn’t make much sense that life today is so complicated. It certainly doesn’t have to be!

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  2. Yep…there will always be complications…that’s how life is. Because something goes wrong somewhere, is no reason to make a law against the stupidity that caused it. We are so law happy, it’s crazy!!!


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