Six Steps to Wholeness

I’ve determined that I need to make some changes in my life in order to feel ‘nourished’ in mind, body and soul. In a previous post, I listed the areas that are important to me. I’ve decided to start working on it, one area at a time…just baby steps…and hopefully I can connect with someone else out there that may be reading this and we can inspire each other.

So from that list I’ve come up with these six target areas that I need to address, so that what I believe is more in line with what I do. I will be following up on each one in greater detail as I go along. For now I’m just setting up a ‘wish list’ if you will.

1)First target area is that entire realm of health, with diet and exercise being the most predominant factors. I’m what some would consider ‘crunchy’. I believe in the power of wholesome foods and herbs for keeping us strong and healthy. I believe in embracing a fairly clean diet and exercise program as a way of life, one that provides energy and does not make me or my family ill. I believe that pharmaceuticals have a purpose, but should be kept to a minimum. 

As an Autism mom, the book that has made the most sense to me in explaining the why as well as offering a solution is The GAPS diet. So this is what I aim for in my family…or at least The Paleo diet which is very similar and more people are familiar with it. 

The Paleo Cure

2)Intimacy with my Creator. For me as a Catholic, at the top of that list is frequent Reception of the Sacraments in a place that feels authentic. I’ve found that as a ‘sensitive soul’ a more traditional setting serves me best. I like all the bells and whistles in my Liturgy.

3)Intimacy with others. To be in relationships where I can lay it all out and feel accepted for who I am but yet challenged to be better. To be surrounded and reaffirmed by people who are similarly called. Where I can both feed and be fed and nurtured and can have a safe exchange of ideas.

4)To guide and nurture my children in the most authentic way possible. Being attentive to their special needs and distinct calling. For me, this involves choosing a homeschooling curriculum that fits our needs. And developing a method of discipline that reaches their heart.

5)To live in an organized and fairly clean setting. Surrounded by nature and beauty. Beautiful music, art and good books surround me.It means de cluttering my living spaces and putting together a cleaning schedule that works for us. A la Flylady.

6)To express my creativity and make a living at it.
Productivity is of huge importance to me, as is providing financially for my family and for the things that The Lord puts in my heart of course. Right now, my photography is my passion. I believe that this is my current calling, and the tool that I’m to use to connect to others.

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5 thoughts on “Six Steps to Wholeness

  1. Melanie

    I love this list, Essy! My prayers are with you on this. I’m trying to do the same, but you’ve expressed it so beautifully.


  2. Thanks Mel…I’m sure you can see AMROL all over this. Just re ordered things because we really can’t give what we don’t have…it’s the old “love others AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF thing…which pre supposes that you are loving and taking care of yourself already. But amazingly enough, many of us moms need to be told to take care of ourselves…for the sake of all else even. So…all that to reiterate that God isn’t second in my thought process, He is first and always will be…because He is the source…step two is merely my response to Him! I can’t get myself to church, if I’m too sick to move…that kind of thing. 🙂


  3. This is a fantastic list! Thanks for sharing it with us. This is a great framework for nearly anyone to work with a good blueprint for happiness and wellbeing. I am inspired!


  4. Thank you so much, that means a lot to me. My hope is that as I write these somewhat disjointed messages that are coming from my the messiness in my life right now, that it will somehow benefit someone else…if nothing else, at least as a warning. 😉


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